Friday, February 8, 2013

Google maps vs Openstreetmaps

One shouldn't take Google services for granted ,all these greedy companies care about is money , and even though they use users' input and geotag data to update their maps , they charge you indirectly for it...
it's true I enjoy using Google Navigation app for free on the Galaxy S2 ,but I think it's wise to explore other options in the future... is like Wikipedia for maps. it's still lacking compared to Google maps especially in third world countries but that's could be changed if more users contributes the project, take a look at this picture provided in the article and compare it too Google maps.

For me , instead of complaining about the inaccuracy of the openstreet maps , I started adding information about my area, mainly main roads,schools, markets, worship places ,etc... and that's the beauty of open-source project , if you don't like it , you could modify it to suit your needs, but I got to admit it takes time to get used to the editor

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