Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to add "show desktop" button to Tint2 panel ?

As openbox user , who uses tint2 and likes it very much , i tend to miss my show desktop button I enjoyed in other panels (xfce4,etc) ...
here is brief how-to guide to add "show desktop" button to Tint2 panel..
1-you need to have tint2-svn version of tint2 which includes applications launcher
2- make sure you have wmctrl app installed ..
3- cd to /usr/bin

cd usr/bin
 and create script with the following code
 if wmctrl -m | grep "mode: ON"; then  
 exec wmctrl -k off  
 exec wmctrl -k on  
save the file and change its permission to a+x

chmod a+x

now we need to create .desktop entry for our script 

cd usr/share/applications

sudo mousepad show_desktop.desktop s

add the following

[Desktop Entry]






Icon line is optional , but if you want to use customized icon ,
move the icon to /usr/share/applications ,
 identify the icon
identify Desktop-32.png
 and modify the line accordingly
modify your tint2rc configuration file and add the following
launcher_icon_theme = areao43
launcher_padding = 4 4
launcher_background_id = 1
launcher_icon_size = 40 
launcher_item_app = /usr/share/applications/showdesktop.desktop

here is screenshot of my desktop =)

 sources used in this how-to with some personal modifications

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