Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Auto-mounting doesn't work Ubuntu 12.10

I upgraded  my desktop to ubuntu 12.10 recently and frankly speaking, I regret it. The process went smoothly, received no errors whatsoever, but after restart I had many problems. The ATI driver not working at all, additional drivers option was omitted completely from Administration menu and I had to install it manually from ATI webiste ( failed as well).So right now I use the basic setup for vga ,, most of the decoding work is done on the CPU.

The other problem is auto-mounting ... i have many drivers connected to my PC  ,, one is SATA NTFS one.. the other is usb-fat ... initially I tried disk utility to mount them , didn't work , then i tried Gparted to see what's the problem ... the error message was vague and nothing specific to work on

 ...eventually It occurred to me to check fstab file,apparently there was problem adding entries to the file automatically , I added them manually,restarted the pc, worked =) !
 here is a brief how to...

1- open terminal,create empty folders in /media folder as mounting points for your drives (requires root privileges )
cd /media
sudo mkdir folder1 

2- type sudo blkid to get the information you need ,

sudo blkid

/dev/sda5: LABEL="HardStation" UUID="BC90354E9035107E" TYPE="ntfs" 

now it's time to modify fstab using your favourite editor,preceeded by sudo of course
sudo gedit /etc/fstab
insert this line and modify it accordingly
/dev/sdb1 /media/J3FR               vfat    defaults
/dev/sdb1 is the path for your drive, followed by space
/media/J3FR is the moutning point we created earlier
vfat is the type of the drive, other possible types:ext3,ext4,ntfs,etc..
the rest of the line is optional ,for more information, you can refer to this page.
in the terminal type
sudo mount -a

that's all =).

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