Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to merge audibook mp3 files into one ?

I have a first edition Nook e-reader for a quite long period of time, it's a good device that makes reading experience more enjoyable. Last week, my long beloved Ipod classic (along with the massive audiobooks lodaded) was stolen while I was in the hospital.So, I needed a replacement at least to pass the one hour I spend driving back and forth from the hospital, it was good to know Nook supports wide variety of audio files ,including mp3 and ogg =) , the problem was it's not as good as the I-pod, no ability to organize music libraries efficiently was one the cons,so you can imagine how navigating thru an audiobook with tens of mp3 files would be like, I decided to merge the mp3 files into one .
on linux you can do so by using this command (on windows you still can use it providing you installed Cygwin)

cat *.mp3 > the_audiobook_name.mp3

to fix the headers and the other tags using Foobar2000 in windows or Diags in linux
Thank you...

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