Thursday, November 8, 2012

how powerful is PS3 showtime ?

Since I started using PS3 Showtime about year a half ago),I'm impressed by its awesome performance.Every now and then, the developer -thankfully- is releasing updates to make it more functional and bug-free .
It is known the app utilizes Game API to handle video playback but no information regarding what max bitrate and what specification it's capable of handling smoothly, Today I tried playing 22GB animation remux mkv movie (True HD DTS sound, 30 MB average bitrate) (full mediainfo ) my suprise, the app played the movie flawlessly (played from internal HDD) .. but there was some problem when forwarding >30 sec as the app needs sometime to buffer the huge amount of bitrate ...overall , the app was up to the task and no complain from my side =) ...

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