Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rockbox on Sansa Disk Clip Zip

After my beloved Ipod classic got stolen , I needed another mp3 player with the following features
efficient but relatively cheap.
  • micro sd card slot to upgrade and swap songs.
  • open source friendly.
  • can handle various media files other than well-known mp3 format.
  • light-weight and portable.
  • doesn't attract much attention such as fancy apple products :/
  • plays well with DRM audiobooks (audible specifically ).
 I purchased the Sandisk clip zip 4 Gb..and I like it so far,but i needed more.So , dual booting with Rockbox was my choice, the installation didn't take much time , failed first at linux pc but it went OK on Windows 7 , i guess it has something to do with the drivers or the usb-mode.
Rockbox is full of features and highly customizable (I need to go thru the 128-page manual to get a full picture of i'm missing so far). what i liked most :
  • plugins such as calculator, alarm , 
  • ability to forward 1-2-5 minutes (not possible on SanDisk OS ).
  • support of all sort of playlists .
  • support of many media format.
  • bookmarks and resume from where left .
  • customizable .cfg files for settings editing on pc (can be transferred via usb to the sansa)

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